New development direction of the sales model of office furniture

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Office furniture belongs to large commodity and it is “experience-oriented” for a long time. Under the limitation of quality of the commodities purchased online varies and target customer group is small, online shopping mall cannot bring real experience to customers in a period of time in the future, so that physical stores still possess incomparable advantages. For most office furniture and home building materials, especially big commodities, their characteristics of individualized and durable consumption make live experience rather important to customers.

At present, even though it is important to realize diversified products and services as well as physical display of office furniture enterprises, the power of network cannot be neglected.

With the convenience of network, diversified products, detailed product description and introduction can be presented directly. This helps intended customers to know about the products directly, make comparison among several sellers and find the most suitable office furniture.

According to the investigation, most purchasers tend to choose several sellers online, ask them to send samples, get offer and choose the best one; then come to the manufacturer for field investigation to ensure product quality. For purchasers, it saves much time on both the seller selection and the product customization throughout the whole process. For manufacturers, online marketing is only a new business channel and market. It can even say that online and offline business will adjust properly for a long time in the future. But original resources and systems of enterprises still cannot be neglected. Online sales still need the support of physical display, enterprise reputation, quality assurance and perfect service.

In general, e-commerce platform offers us more sales channels and gives more opportunities for furniture enterprises to show their products. But if any seller doesn’t adapt to such a transformation, it will lose part of the market. In this way, a part of office furniture enterprises will develop faster, resulting in a bigger gap among the enterprises in office furniture industry. Besides focusing on product quality and service system, Ludeyuan starts to develop online business actively. Now, it has opened two online stores on Taobao and Later, it plans to open large-scale online stores on Tmall, JD, etc. to try to provide more convenient and thoughtful service to customers.