Notes to the cleaning and maintenance of office furniture

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Practical techniques for the cleaning of office furniture

Keep the cloth clean

When cleaning the furniture, please ensure the cloth to be clean first. After cleaning or wiping the dust, please ensure to turn over or change another clean cloth and then use it again. Don’t be lazy and use the dirty side of cloth repeatedly, in which way the dirt will rub furniture surface over and over again and it will damage the bright and smooth surface.

Select proper care agent

In order keep the original brightness of furniture, there are two types of furniture care products at present, including polish wax and cleaning agent. Polish wax is mainly used for the furniture made of or covered by wood, polyester, paint and plastic laminated sheet, and jasmine or lemon flavor can be selected. Cleaning agent is mainly used for the furniture made of wood, glass, synthetic wood or laminate hard plastic sheet, and it is especially applicable for the furniture made of different types of materials together. Thus, once any care agent that is able to clean and care the furniture at the same time is used, it could save much precious time.

Before using polish wax and cleaning agent, it is better to shake it up first; then hold the bottle, tilt for 45° and totally release the liquid ingredients inside free from force. Then, spray a little about 15cm above the dry cloth, use it to wipe the furniture and it could reach a good cleaning effect.

Besides, after using, please remember to clean and dry the cloth. As to the furniture with fabrics, such as fabric sofa and cushion, the cleaning agent used to clean carpet can be used. When using, please vacuum it first, then spray a little carpet cleaner on wet cloth and wipe it.